Shore Excursions in Athens – Exploring the Best of Greece

Do you fancy traveling to Greece and taking the Greece Shore Excursions to fill your soul with the beauty of the place? Then, you must know one fact for sure that the real beauty of Greece can not be explored without a cruise ship.

There are many companies that give passengers the privilege to take the cruise to all major ports of Greece for the shore excursions. These shore excursions are well-organized for the cruise travelers to help them explore the finest tourist destinations of Greece in most affordable and valuable packages. Cruise goers can book their private half-day tour as well has the full day shore excursions in Athens depending on their interests and preferences. These cruises will take you to the places that will leave you fanatical with their beauty and charm.

It is always better to let such companies organize the shore excursions in Greece for you instead of organizing yourself as you may face many problems like transportation and inability to enjoy to the fullest as you have to arrange many other things. Such companies take care of everything such as sight-seeing, traveling, and food etc for your trip, leaving nothing for you to worry about.

Shore Excursions from Piraeus Port
If you wish to take the cruise to the Mediterranean, Piraeus is the port of call. Piraeus Shore Excursions have been the travelers' best attraction in the Greece for the rewarding and fulfilling experience. Piraeus has been the port of Athens since the classical times. Here you get access to the perfect blend of new and old, an ideal climate and taste of the Greek Hospitality.

Top 5 Athens Shore Excursions

Walking Tour to Acropolis
This tour is must-do if you want to get the best of Greece. A visit to Acropolis is the highlight of the Greek Culture and considered as the symbol of the Athens City. It is also called a Sacred Rock as it was home to many churches and temples through the historical times. Designed by a Swiss Architect, its beauty can be found in the sculptures and artifacts that represent the culture of Greece.

Sightseeing at Athens and Piraeus
The best way to do this is take a hop-on hop-off bus tour and explore the best of both worlds. There are some of the impressive ancient sites to explore including Acropolis, The Temple of Zeus, and Parthenon. This shore excursion in Athens lets you stroll in the admirable streets of Plaka and takes you to the irresistible attractions such as Syntagma Square, National Archeological Museum, and National Gardens of Greece.

Segway Tour
Would you like to trade your cruise ship for the Segway? Trust me; you would want to if I tell you about this thrilling Athens Shore Excursion. This classic tour will take you through the pedestrian area to explore the historical beauty of Athens. You can discover the major highlights of the city through Segway Tour without any physical efforts. This is going to be whole lot of fun. So, do not forget to get back to your cruise ship on time.

Athens Food Tour
When you ship hits the Athens Port, get some time to pamper your hungry stomach with the delicacies of Classic Greek Cuisine. While strolling down the historical streets of Greece, you will find many food stops in your way. Try what tempts you and discover the genuine and unique herbs of Greece and their unforgivable taste. Your Greece Shore Excursions can not just be complete without enjoying the real Greek delicacies.

A Trip to Cape Sounion (Temple of Poseidon)
This destroyed temple still holds the beauty that can not be described in words. Its archaeological interest is absolutely great and must-visit. In your way, you will find the gorgeous suburbs and resorts with an incredibly lovable waterfront.

Greece is the place of beauty with numerous archaeological sites, and astonishing island, and great climate. Visiting this place will give you the most memorable moments of your life. Get ready to live the unique experiences with the Greece shore excursions by choosing your best packages for you and your family / friends.

Frugal Travel Tips For Cruises

Cruises are one of my favorite ways to see the world. I love falling asleep in one country and waking up in another, not having to pack and unpack. Cruise lines run the range of prices from value to super expensive. For frugal travelers, here are some tips to cut expenses.

Consider All Itineraries

When most people think of cruises, they think of the Caribbean, the Mediterrian, and perhaps Alaska. However, name an ocean port and there is likely a cruise sailing into it. And some of these itineraries can not be only bargains but a pleasant surprise. We once booked a 12 day Baltic cruise from London to St. Petersburg and return for less than the airfare from New York to London. It remains one of our favorite cruises.

Bring Your Own Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Food is normally included in the price of a cruise (except for dining at the exclusive restaurants). However, beverage other than water, coffee, tea, and if lucky iced tea come with an additional cost. So what we do is buy non-alcoholic beverages in ports (allowable – for alcoholic drinks, there is often a corking charge) and then pour them into glasses.

Make Your Own Tour

We’ve been on over a dozen cruises all over the world and have only done one ship organized tour (on our first cruise). They are expensive, move forward at the pace of the slowest traveler, and restrictive. For a well organized traveler, making their own arrangements is preferable.

One trick that we use is to look at the sights the ship tours cover and include those in our “tour.”

Note: Tour Directors will often tell of horror stories about passengers not getting back to the ship on time. The solution? Leave some extra time and do the far away venues first.

Big Breakfast, Late Dinner

For the frugal traveler, maximizing the time in port is a must. That means if possible choosing the late seating at dinner. Also we tend not to eat large lunches (if at all). Instead we eat a large breakfast on the ship (where the breakfast is free), snack on bits and bites of local food while on shore, and then top the day off with a leisurely late dinner.

Cruising is one of the favorite ways for this frugal traveler to see the world. And by using these tips, it is one luxury that can fit into a traveler’s budget.

A French Barge Cruise – The Ultimate in Relaxation

A French barge cruise is regularly described as being one of the most relaxing ways to see this wonderful country in all its natural glory. But just what is it that makes this kind of holiday so special? Below are just a few of the many and varied reasons a French barge cruise is so rewarding.

France – a state of mind

It’s been said that France, as a concept, is much more a state of mind than a definable culture. This is something that may be hard to grasp – at least until you’ve enjoyed the delights of a French barge cruise holiday! Here, such things such as business, travel, commerce, shopping and daily life itself, are all woven around the idea of “Une Bonne Vie” – in other words, making sure that everything fits into the best life experience possible. So, with the possible exception of one or two of the largest city centres, things here happen at a much more human pace than is the norm today in the UK. Lunch, dinner, family meals, excursions and time doing things other than working to excess are all taken very seriously.

So, for example, let’s assume you’re keen to explore the Loire Valley towns east of Tours, with all their culture and history. Yes, you probably could drive very quickly from Tours to Montrichard and perhaps some British people might say the good roads and quick transit times are fantastic. Yet the locals might ask “why would you want to do so on holiday when there’s a much better route via the Cher?” It’s a very good question!

The Cher is tributary of the Loire along which sits Montrichard, a beautiful ancient town with an imposing castle and lovely churches. Embarking on a luxury French barge cruise holiday exploring this stretch of the river and the towns and villages along the way is a true joy. The question is, if you can do so in sumptuous surroundings and at a pleasant pace that allows you to see the countryside, why would you choose to do so any other way?

Comfort and cuisine

Of course, this is much more than being something about transit times. Some of the vessels used for a French barge cruise on the country’s rivers and canals are exceptionally luxurious, with their own suites and top-class dining facilities on board. There’s no suggestion here of hammocks and hard tack! These vessels are designed for the very discerning holidaymaker who enjoys the best food and getting away from it all – in a very relaxed manner.

Houseboat Tour on Kerala’s Backwaters

Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of India. It is globally known for its unique cultural and geographical features. Nature has blessed this state uniquely. There are several places of tourist interest in this state. Backwaters are one of Kerala’s prime attractions. They are vast network of lagoons, canals, waterways, lakes, rivers, inlets, etc with exceptional scenic beauty. They are delight for every tourist who visits to Kerala – God’s Own Country. They are excellent example of ecosystem. One can see many unique species of aquatic life, water birds and animals living in and alongside the backwaters. Palm coconut trees, shrubs, bushes and various leafy plants grow alongside the backwaters, providing a lush green hue to the surrounding landscapes. Exploring scenic backwaters of the state provides delightful experience of lifetime.

One of the most popular and suitable ways to explore scenic backwaters of the state is houseboat cruise. Houseboats in Kerala backwaters are the prime attractions of Kerala tourism. More than 400 house boats ply the scenic backwaters of the state and 120 of them in Alleppey (Alappuzha – a prime backwater destination of the state). Besides Alleppey there are several backwater destinations in the state, known for their exceptional nature abundant beauty and amazing sightseeing. Some of popular backwater destinations, known for houseboat cruise in the state, are Kumarakom, Fort Kochi, Kasargod, Kollam, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Kuttanad, Vembanad Lake, Thiruvallam, Trivandrum, etc. These backwater destinations are blessed with exceptional scenic beauty

and well-known for Kerala houseboat tours among tourists from all over the world.

Situated in the nature blessed Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is one of the most sought after backwaters destinations of the state. It is paradise on the earth. It is famous for scenic backwaters, beautiful landscapes, and the bird sanctuary. It is also very popular destination for houseboat cruise. There are number of houseboats sailing over the beautiful Vembanad Lake and scenic backwaters of Kumarakom. Kumarakom is also very popular among honeymoon couples. Honeymoon couples from all over India and also across the country visit Kumarakom and explore its scenic landscapes, breathtaking backwaters and enjoy Kumarakom houseboat cruise over the picturesque Vembanad Lake and scenic backwaters. The houseboat cruise over the scenic and tranquil waterways of Kumarakom provides honeymoon couples a serene and truly romantic ambiance. The experience of houseboat cruise in the scenic waterways of Kumarakom is definitely an experience of life time.

Apart form Kerala houseboat tours Kumarakom is also known for several other attractions such as Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, several delightful tourist resorts, ayurvedic massage centers, ayurvedic treatment resorts, scenic landscapes, etc. Really Kumarakom is a paradise for tourists.

Well if you too want to enjoy the charm of Kerala tourism and backwaters, visit Kumarakom. Enjoy fascinating Kumarakom houseboat holidays, visit several species of birdlife at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, explore scenic landscapes, rejuvenate yourselves at Ayurvedic massage & treatment resorts, and see the enthrallingly beautiful reflection of azure sky in the blue backwaters and the picturesque Vembanad Lake. Explore the country side, lush paddy fields, and palm coconut groves on your Alleppey houseboats cruise. Definitely tours and travels in Kumarakom will be a delightful experience that will last forever.

Amazon River Cruise – Thrilling South American Adventure

South America is a top holiday destination particularly for people, who are interested in spending their vacation in an adventurous fashion. This is because the geography of this continent itself contributes too much towards adventurous activities like mountain biking, boating, hiking, etc… When it comes to audacious tour to the continent of South America, the two places that are must to visit are Amazon River cruise and hiking Patagonia. Some of the information about these places is given in the content given below.

Boating on the Amazon can offer the tourists with a chance to experience whatever the incredible area includes. In addition to amazing variety of species under animal and bird population, the lives of the indigenous people can also be experienced. Selecting the cruise and reaching the place through water would be the right option for tourists to enjoy the untouched beauty of Mother nature along with the luxurious facilities offered by the cruise ships. The tourists can also enjoy some places by walk by getting down from the ship since when traveling through the ship there will be many stopping. Hiking can also be done during day and evening hours and when hiking tourists can enjoy the flora and fauna of the natural beauty.

The Amazon rainforest is made up of many tributaries of the river since the river stretches across the nations of Peru and Brazil thereby enabling the tourists to enjoy boating also in Bolivia and Ecuador. When a family is planning to visit this continent of South America during their forthcoming vacation, they should not miss the opportunity of taking up an Amazon River cruise trip.

Hiking Patagonia: This region is popularly called as Patagonia and it spreads over Chile and Argentina that can offer a spectacular hiking experience to the tourists. The landscapes, fauna and flora cannot be found anywhere in the world and in this region also luxury trips are available in addition to economy trips for the tourists to select from according to their requirement.

In the northern part of Patagonia, tourists can enjoy hikes around many wonderful forestlands and lakes and during this trip tourists can get an opportunity to spot an Andean Condor as well. If the tourists wish to chill out themselves, they can hike on the top of the glaciers, which can offer them a scintillating experience.

South America has many untouched wonders and the above-mentioned two places are specially meant for nature and adventure lovers to make their vacation ever memorable.

Great Lakes Cruises – Inexpensive Cruises

Many people are uncomfortable with the cost of a cruise. They feel they can’t afford the high cost. For those people, Great Lakes cruises can be an affordable alternative. True, you can spend a lot on a luxury cruise, but you can also find significant bargains compared to some of the prices charged for ocean cruises.

Lakes cruises can be had for under $100 a person if you are willing to cruise for under 1 day. Longer trips can be had for under $1000 and still longer trips might reach the $5000 mark. A lot depends on length of the trip and what you expect out of it.

A nice thing about Great Lakes cruises is the number and variety of small cruise operators running one to three boats and providing sightseeing tours of the shoreline. These tours are often centered around a scrumptious dinner, but there are also shipwreck tours, color tours, ice cream social tours, wine tasting tours, paddle wheeler tours, fireworks tours, waterfall tours, river tours and a host of others. Almost every port on the Lakes have at least one operator offering these short tours and some of the larger cities such as Chicago have many.

It is important to remember that even though these ships are smaller, they are still required to meet stringent US Coast Guard requirements for passenger vessels, which means they are inspected for safety on a regular basis.

Even longer Great Lakes cruises may be cheaper in direct comparison to ocean cruises because the ships are smaller and less costly to operate. And, while the ships are smaller, they are still luxurious mini-yachts.

Hawaii Cruise Deals – An Overview of Hawaiian Cruises and Ways to Save

Why fly to Honolulu just to stay on Oahu during your Hawaiian vacation? Why not hop to each island and enjoy a little bit of what the entire state has to offer? While Oahu is nice, there are other islands to check out as well. The easiest way to see them all is by taking advantage of Hawaii cruise deals. There are a number of cruise lines that offer Hawaiian cruises: Norwegian, Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, etc. Offers are usually available throughout the year.

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a short or long cruise itinerary, Hawaii will impress you with its plethora of activities, attractions and gorgeous scenery. The winter months are the most popular times to take a cruise ship around Hawaii. If you’re interested in whale watching, November through early May is whale season. The downside to cruising in the Pacific during this time period is that the weather can be very rainy and the flights to the departure cities are expensive.

Hawaii cruises last anywhere from 7 to 21 days, with the most average being 11 – 15. Departure cities include Vancouver, Long Beach, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and Honolulu. While Hawaii cruise deals don’t usually include airfare to the departure city, you still might be able to save if you book everything at once.

Entertainment With Hawaii Cruise Deals

Excursions are a significant part of any cruise. While the ship may have tons of entertainment and fun, you don’t want to turn a chance to get off of it here and there to enjoy Hawaiian sand and sun. A lot of experts recommend that travelers book their own excursions, as the excursions arranged by the cruise line often have unnecessary fees and expenses tacked on.

Excursions on the Hawaiian Islands include helicopter tours, volcano tours, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, wine tasting, sightseeing, and more. Whether you want a close-up view of all of the scenery, participate in outdoor adventures, or simply relax in a spa or restaurant, there is no shortage of activities for you to participate in during your time on land.

There are many ways to search for Hawaii cruise deals. You can search for all of the upcoming cruises over the next year or so and compare prices. Searches can be filtered and narrowed depending on the departure city, price, number of days, dates, cruise line, ship, etc. You might also want to sign up to receive phone alerts and email notifications of when a new cruise package is available for the Hawaiian Islands.

Amazon Tours and Cruises – Things to Consider When Choosing Your Adventure of a Lifetime

There are several things to consider when trying to decide which Amazon cruise or tour to do and there are now many options to choose from. What factors should you consider when deciding which is the best option for you?

  • Do you want to get an in-depth experience or do you just want to get a “taste” of the jungle?
  • How many days do you want to be in the jungle?
  • Are you only going to the jungle or are you planning on going to other places? (Machu Picchu, Rio, Galapagos, etc.)
  • How active do you want to be?

Do you have specific things you want to do in the jungle, that a package tour might not offer?

Some people just want to get an idea about what the jungle is like. For them, a 3 day lodge stay or cruise might suffice. That will allow them 1 full day in the jungle, since the 1st and last days are normally mostly for travel from the airport and back to the airport. They shouldn’t plan on seeing much wildlife or primary jungle though because they’re just not getting far enough away from the cities and nearby people. For instance, Manaus has about 1.5 million inhabitants, so you have to get pretty far away from the city to feel like you are in a wilderness area.

People who want to really get a feel for the jungle need to stay longer. It usually takes a couple of days for people to wind down to the rhythm of the jungle and you need to get into a variety of ecosystems so that you stand a better chance of seeing more species of plants and animals.

Most people think “Brazil” when thinking about the Amazon Basin, but it is also in Peru, Ecuador, and several other countries. You can have good experiences in those countries, so you don’t have to fly all over South America to see the Amazon, unless you have a special reason. If you want to go to Machu Picchu, then you might as well do an Amazon trip in Peru. If you want to see the Galapagos, then do an Amazon trip in Ecuador.

Don’t just rely on pretty brochures or websites. I was told by a local that one particular lodge in the Iquitos area was probably the prettiest one there – but their guides had all been fired from other lodges. One of the cruise companies shows a variety of boats on their website, but only one is now kept up for regular cruises. Another lodge looks nice on the website, but the service has deteriorated badly and the buildings have gotten run down. Another gives you great interaction with the local Indians, but those Indians also still hunt, so you won’t see much wildlife around there.

Alcoholism is a problem in the Amazon and guides aren’t immune from that problem. I remember reading many trip reports years ago, where the people said that the guide they hired knew a lot about the jungle, but he would get drunk at night and would go after the female clients and wouldn’t bother with cooking dinner, so they had to fend for themselves. I was recently saddened to learn that one of the top guides in the Peruvian Amazon, one who was the subject of several videos about jungle survival, etc., had been fired, because he had become an alcoholic. His father had also been one of the top guides, but he suffered the same fate. Good operators rely on repeat business and word of mouth advertising, so they can’t afford to keep guides that are going to cause public relations problems.

A good guide can make all the difference on a jungle trip. If you walk into the jungle by yourself, all you will see is a sea of green plants and a symphony of sounds. A good guide knows what all of those different plants are and what uses they have. He can tell what is making those sounds, their relationship to the plants in the area and where to look for them. They have an uncanny eye for spotting seemingly invisible things. I remember a night walk where we turned off our flashlights and were in the dark, but our guide somehow spotted a big black spider on a tree trunk. So he can turn a monotone experience into a Technicolor experience. Just like in any business, a good guide can command a better salary than a trainee, so don’t expect to be with a top guide if you go on the cheapest trip you can find. (the climate takes a toll on buildings and boats, so low budget operations are probably not going to have well-maintained facilities either. By the same token, the cheaper lodges are also often close to the city, so they are not in areas that are as pristine or that have as much wildlife.)

Airports at Amazon gateways such as Iquitos and Manaus used to be havens for scam artists. They knew that many people would arrive with no reservations and so would offer exciting trips at great prices, but of course they often would not deliver what they had promised. The governments are working hard to try to eliminate these types, but they can still be a problem for unsuspecting budget travelers.

Most travel agencies will offer some of the most highly marketed cruises or lodge stays that offer the activities that they think most people want to do, but if you want to camp or kayak or do anything out of the ordinary, then you will need to look elsewhere because most travel agencies are more informed about mass market locations, such as Las Vegas, Cancun and Disneyland than they are about specialized Amazon trips. Some of the highly marketed properties are like big resorts in the jungle. If that’s what you’re interested in, then fine. But many people want something more intimate and authentic and less intrusive. So it’s better to communicate with somebody who has more experience in the type of trip that you are looking for.

Sightseeing in New York City

New York City is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world; a city steeped in history and culture and boasting some of the greatest architectural attractions in the world, there is no shortage of things to do and see while visiting the Big Apple.

In fact if you are planning on visiting you should plan your itinerary quite carefully as the likelihood that you will be able to fit in a visit to every one of the greatest New York attractions is slim.

While the legendary attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square are a definite must, there is so much more to New York Travel. There are the artworks at Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA and Metropolitan Museum of Art; the spectacular architecture encompassed by Brooklyn Bridge and the Flatiron and Chrysler Buildings and of course, the fantastic retail outlets!

With so much to do and see many visitors opt to take a New York tour or two during their stay. There are a wide variety of New York City sightseeing tours available, so the tours you decide on will depend entirely on your preferences.

New York Sightseeing Tours

A Bird’s Eye View

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary when it comes to New York sightseeing tours, an air tour of the Big Apple is a must. Viewing this amazing city from a helicopter is truly extraordinary as it gives you a perspective that you will not get from land based New York tours. There are various New York air tours available which range from comprehensive sightseeing tours of New York City to Statue of Liberty tours and romantic flights over Manhattan.

City Cruises

New York cruise tours give travelers the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple from a distance. There are various types of cruise tours available in New York; there are day cruises around Manhattan harbor, glamorous dinner and dancing cruises, Statue of Liberty tour cruises and cruises in which you watch the glittering holiday lights. Cruises are an excellent option to keep in mind when considering which New York sightseeing tour to book during your holiday in the Big Apple.

Shop Till You Drop

New York and shopping are synonymous concepts – there is no better way to visit the most eclectic range of retail havens than with a New York shopping tour. Visit the Garment District; feast your eyes on the magnificent window displays along Madison Avenue, behold the splendors of Saks Fifth Avenue or buy trinkets from the street vendors on Canal Street. A New York sightseeing tour of this variety will give you a great introduction to sumptuous shopping in New York City.

Step by Step

Walking tours in New York are extremely popular as you get to experience many of the attractions that are not even visible from the bus tour routes. New York tour guides will show you locations where historic events took place, share the stories of the generations who tread the paths before you and expose you to some of the city’s hidden gems. The Luxury Chocolate Walking Tour is an absolute must for any chocolate lover visiting New York. The chocolate treats from the street cafes and bistros of the Upper East Side will leave you with a new appreciation for this heavenly delight.

Beautiful Bus Routes

One of the most popular offerings when it comes to New York sightseeing tours, bus tours allow visitors to experience quite a lot as they cover more ground than walking tours. There are several types of bus tours in New York and the tour you select will depend what your main interests are. There are tours that focus solely on the main attractions, historical tours, movie and television tours and tours that expose travelers to a little bit of everything.

One of the most popular bus tours in New York City “Sex in the City” tour which features 40 locations from the hit television series. Sit on Carrie’s apartment stoop, visit the series’ local bar and pass the shoe store where Carrie blew most of her salary cheques.

No matter which type of tour you chose you are bound to be enthralled by the views, attractions and the sights and sounds that are unique to New York City.

Cruise to Alaska Guide: What Are the Most Important Factors to Consider When Searching a Cruise?

There is never a bad time to cruise to Alaska. The leading cruise lines offer cruises throughout the year. The cruise season tends to run from April to September – especially during summer months. However, the “best” time to go is really subjective.

A lot of people prefer to go during summer months due to the warm temperatures. Cruisers on a budget prefer to wait until either May or September when the fares are cheaper and the crowds are smaller. The downside of going off-season is that the weather is more unpredictable and excursions have a higher chance of being canceled. If you want to check out the Northern Lights, the best possibility of seeing them is in September. Once again, there is a downside to traveling around this time due to the choppiness of the Gulf of Alaska, which is not a good thing for travelers who tend to get seasick.

When you plan a cruise to Alaska, you will find that there are three basic routes that most of the major cruise lines stick with: round trip from Vancouver, round trip from Seattle, and one-way Vancouver to Alaska. You might also want to consider a cruise tour, which combines a cruise around Alaska with a land tour, either prior to or following the actual cruise. These kinds of tour packages can be anything from a 3 – 5 night Anchorage / Fairbanks / Drenali tour to a 5 – 7 night Canadian Rockies tour.

If your time is limited and you won’t get a chance to take a tour before or after a cruise, then select an itinerary that includes a shore excursion or two so that you can on a mini-tour, or simply enjoy a day at an Alaskan port city.

Where to Visit on Your Cruise to Alaska

You’ll also want to go with an itinerary that will get you as close as possible to some glaciers. The most beautiful glaciers in the world can only be seen around Alaska on a ship. If you dock at Juneau at any point during the trip, consider visiting the Tracy Arm fjord via floatplane. It’s a sight you don’t want to miss. Many travelers prefer to plan and book their own excursions since the ones offered in a package by a cruise line tend to bring the price up considerably.

Going on a cruise to Alaska requires more than just booking the cheapest package you come across. You must consider the departure city (Seattle or Vancouver), the time of year and weather conditions, the route, and ports of call. An Alaskan cruise can last anywhere from 5 to 21 days, either as a roundtrip or one-way. While a one-way cruise sounds nice, you might end up paying more for the airfare back to Seattle or Vancouver before returning home to your own city!

Get exclusive discounts on select cruises when shopping online. You’ll be given all of the tools you need for getting the best deals on cruises, airfare, hotels, and more. Compare all of the itineraries and prices to help you find the perfect cruise to Alaska.