Get Some Information About Amazon Conservation In Brazil

Brazil is a huge nation, which accounts for about half of the landmass of the continent of South America. Major portion of the Brazil is covered by rainforests and Brazilian Amazon region include the states of Tocantins, Para, Roraima, Amazonas, Acre and Rondonia. Nearly 45% of the national territory of Brazil accounts to this area. Rain forests in the nation are vital not only for its economy, but also for the economy of the whole world. Even though, the Amazon rainforests are located in different South American nations, they are fundamentally situated in Brazil. Brazil and the Amazon rainforest contribute a great share in keeping the global environment stable and it is also acting as the home for a number of animal and plant species. It is believed that the rainforests still possess a lot of undiscovered medicinal plants that are capable of curing different diseases.

Jungles were preserved in larger number in Brazil, but according to the voting made by the Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies in May 2011; decision has been made to ease the limitations on how much land must be preserved by farmers as forested lands. Even though, current law in the nation has made compulsory that 80% of the farm-lands in the region of Amazon must remain forested, this percentage has dipped down to 20% in other parts of the nation. The purpose behind the law is to prevent the farmers from entirely clearing forests to plant crops.

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