Boat Tour from Cologne to Koenigswinter


If you’re visiting Cologne, Germany, it might also be a great idea to allocate 1 day for a boat tour from there all the way to Koenigswinter. The ticket office is located in front of the boats’ port near Cologne’s old town. This tour is daily and takes 4 hours forth and due to downstream current, 3 hours back. Just sit back and relax while enjoying smaller town views south of Cologne. The boat docks in four ports before reaching Koenigswinter but you don’t have to do something, just stay on your seat so new passengers won’t get yours.

Koenigswinter is a town part of Nordrhein-Westfalen region located on the foot of the Siebengebirge, a mountain and hill range. It’s famous for its small town charm, having a lovely promenade consisting of hotels, restaurants, cafes, old houses directly facing the river. Also experience its shopping – you can buy some souvenirs from the place. Go walk to its narrow old town streets, you can find some old wine houses and stores that might be of interest. But Koenigswinter is mostly famous for the Drachenfels Burg (dragon’s rock castle) which is located on the tip of the Drachenfels, accessible by the Drachenfels Railway. Legend says that a dragon on this rock was slain by Siegfried, a German epic hero.

On the way down from the Drachenfels, you can visit the Drachenburg (castle). This castle was built in 1882 by Baron Stephan von Starter, a successful stock trader but he actually never lived here. From the castle, prefer to walk on your way down, stop by the Winzerhaeuschen and get yourself some refreshing drinks. From there, continue walking down to the Honighaeuschen, the honey houses, don’t just get too near to it. If you still have time, visit the Nibelungenhalle, a reptile zoo, just right next to the honey houses.

For families with children who want to visit the place, there’s a SeaLife in Koenigswinter. It’s a sea aquarium where you can experience the creatures up close. It’s located directly in front of the river port. Aside from that, there’s also an open-air swimming pool and fun area called Lemmerzbad located in a nature park below the castle.

Don’t forget to be at the port on time so not to miss your boat back to Cologne. Have a nice trip!


USS Kittiwake, From Submarine Rescue to Submerged


The USS Kittiwake (ASR-13) launched July 10, 1945 in Savannah Georgia. After commissioning in July of 1946, she served as a submarine rescue ship. Submarine sea trials and maneuvers brought the Kittiwake up and down the east coast of the USA and all over the Caribbean. Submariners rested easier knowing divers on the Kittiwake above would rescue them should any trouble ensue.

The name Kittiwake comes from gulls living along the cost of North America that look much like common seagulls. First based in Balboa, the Kittiwake spent many years in the Caribbean.

Divers from the Kittiwake recovered practice torpedoes during sea trials. The ship sometimes made runs as a practice target for the submarines she served. When the battleship Missouri ran aground in tidal banks off the coast of Virginia in 1950, divers from the Kittiwake came with salvage equipment to set her free.

In 1960, the Kittiwake stand at hand while the submarine George Washington successfully launched the first two Polaris ballistic missiles ever launched from beneath the sea.

In 1961 the Kittiwake sailed to the Mediterranean for several months of service before returning to her home port in Virginia. Over the course of her service she made more trips across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and Europe.

Cuban refugees off the coast of Key West, Florida thanked the Kittiwake for carrying them safely to shore while off-duty in 1963.

The Kittiwake did many interesting things during her years of service. At one point she directed a submarine from the US to Scotland. The official reason given was for a group of scientists to study tilefish. Undercover undersea, that mission covered the changing of boxes used to monitor Soviet submarine activity which location had been compromised by a spy. During the mission a Russian spy ship attempting a disguise as a fishing vessel appeared. Soon an attack sub surfaced backed by a fast American frigate. The Russian spy ship is quickly vacated the area.

While back in the Mediterranean in 1966, the Kittiwake assisted with locating and salvaging the German submarine Hai (S-171) which sank in a gale.

The unsuccessful search for the USS Scorpion in 1968 bought the Kittiwake to the Atlantic Ocean. The Scorpion was the second US nuclear submarine lost at sea. Although the wreck has since been found, controversial remains as to whether it sank due to attack from a Soviet submarine or from internal problems.

April of 1984 found the Kittiwake at the dock in Norfolk, Virginia for maintenance and repair. Upon trying to leave the pier, the Kittiwake attempted to go forward and ended up in reverse. The harder she tried to go forward, the faster she went in reverse. Motion ceased upon colliding with the attack submarine USS Bergall, moored behind her. Turned out the main motor drive had been wired improperly, causing the screw to turn backward.

In 1986 the Kittiwake salvaged an F-15 down in about 300 feet of water and recovered the black box from the Challenger space shuttle disaster.

In 1994 the Kittiwake was decommissioned. She sat in the graveyard of decommissioned ships for a time until the Cayman Islands took an interest. After years of negotiations, the Cayman Islands managed to buy the Kittiwake, the first former US military ship sold to another nation. A planned 2009 sinking went awry due to environmental concerns regarding the possibility of banned chemicals in the sealant in some gaskets. It took until January 2011 before the ship was finally towed out for sinking off 7-mile beach and a new life as an artificial reef. The Kittiwake sank upright and came to rest on a sandy ocean floor. After spending so much time following submarines around the Caribbean it only sees fitting that the Kittiwake found its final resting place submerged there.

The ship did not have long to settle before Hurricane Rina passed within 100 miles of the Cayman islands. Strong waves from the winds of the hurricane pushed the Kittiwake about 60 feet further from the shore than the original location of her sinking. One anchor chain broke, and the ship now sits on the three starboard anchors, listing slightly to one side under 10 feet deeper water than in the original position.

The ship pushed enough sand in the underwater slide to create a sand bank now holding the hull more firmly in place. The ship still lies in shallow enough water for a clear view from snorkelers overhead and easy access for divers. It is far enough under now that snorkelers can no longer stand on deck with their heads out of water as they did in the original location.

Fish moved in shortly after the original sinking, finding good places to hide and call home within the ship's structure. Algae covers the once-white ship, As the years pass more sea life will cling to the hull until in time it becomes a new reef, changing the view from sunken ship to a multitude of sea life.

A variety of operators in Grand Cayman take divers and snorkelers out to the Kittiwake. They know the rules concerning mandatory fees and time limits, so guests on organized tours need not worry. Cruise lines such as Carnival also offer snorkel trips to the Kittiwake amongst their shore excursions for Grand Cayman.


Tour Paradise With a Virgin Islands Yacht Charter


There’s no doubt that beaches make for some of the hottest and most exotic holiday destinations on the planet. And no matter how popular or how packed they are with tourists, one can always find them enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing at the same time. However, there is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy a beach in its unadulterated, uncluttered, pristine, natural beauty. And just when you think there are no such beaches left, you can go on a yacht charter of the Virgin Islands.

Barely a few miles from the coast of Puerto Rico, and yet, the Virgin Islands truly exemplify their name. While the large islands of Tortola, Saint Thomas, Saint John and Virgin Gorda are popular tourist locations, offering every kind of facility, amenity and luxury that one can hope for; the smaller islands of Jost Van Dyke, Normal Island, Peter Island and even Anegada are secluded marvels waiting to be discovered. With your private luxury yacht, it’s possible to visit, explore and experience each of these islands as leisurely as you’d like.

Depending on what’s more convenient, you could start with either the US Virgin Islands of St. John’s or St Thomas; or with the British Virgin Island of Tortola. The islands of St. Thomas and St. Johns effortlessly mix luxurious amenities and man-made marvels with the breathtaking natural beauty of the islands. There’s absolutely no dearth of activities – you can shop, dine and indulge in adventure sports of every kind imaginable. St. Thomas’ attraction in particular is the sky tram that takes you 700 feet up into the air to give you mind-blowing view of the island and the surrounding waters. For nature enthusiasts, the huge St John’s National Park will definitely be a revelation of sorts. Both islands boast of some of the prettiest beaches on the US Virgin Islands.

With your very own luxury Virgin Islands yacht charter island hopping the Virgin Islands becomes a treat in itself. From St. Thomas and St. John you can sail to the islands of Tortola or Virgin Gorda. The sandy beaches of Tortola are dotted with luxury villas, resorts, beach bars and honeymooning couples – all of which blend perfectly with the heavenly and romantic atmosphere that the island creates. The hub of the BVI, Tortola surprises and excites tourists in every way. Virgin Gorda, on the other hand presents the prospect of lazing luxuriously on beaches of a village where time stands still. With your private luxury yacht, you’re in the best position to enjoy the legendary Baths of Virgin Gorda – naturally formed pools of water into large rocks – famous of swimming, dipping and snorkelling.

Your Virgin Islands yacht charter also gives you the advantage of experiencing the island of Anegada like no one else. You can lounge on the deck while watching whales and dolphins that are frequent visitors to the coast, or discover Anegada’s rich marine life as you snorkel amidst the many shipwrecks that dot Anegada’s waters, or spend your day roaming the pink coral beaches – the only in the Caribbean. The smaller island of Jost Van Dyke has fewer than 200 inhabitants, but has some of the most famous beach bars on the Caribbean. Sip on cocktails made with the island’s rum at the Soggy Dollar, Gertrude’s or Foxy’s while your yacht rests in the protected anchorages at the harbour.

All of this and much more is possible with your private Virgin Islands Yacht charter. There cannot be a better, more luxurious and wholesome way of experiencing the beauty of the Virgin Islands than on a private luxury yacht.


What’s New in Travel?


In keeping with our mantra to educate, we’d like to end the year and help bring in the New Year with What’s New in the travel world. For starters did you know that the Four Seasons is currently under construction as a new property in DisneyWorld?

While still on the subject of Disney, Disneyland will have its own Harry Potter(world). And, Disney’s new property on Oahu, the Aulani is now open to guests. We had the privilege of doing a site inspection during our most recent trip–check out our Facebook page, Contrino Travel.

NCL’s Breakaway is coming to New York in 2013! And it’s not too early to book as these cabins are going to be snatched up fast.

Escorted tours are not just for Grandma and Gramps anymore! More multi-generational families are making it a priority to vacation together to create everlasting memories. And, instead of quibbling where to have Christmas Dinner, more and more families are opting to travel for the holidays. Not only does it make for more pleasantries (everyone gets to do what they want and meet for meals), it creates memories that can’t be bought (well technically).

While not new to the travel industry, Club Med has undergone major renovations @ their Sandpiper property. This is an all-inclusive property located right here in the States (Florida).

The Great American Steamboat offers a more inclusive product (than your typical cruise line). The cruise fare includes shore excursions in each town and where specialty dining is complimentary!

The Riviera Maya has a new adult-only all-inclusive, the Paradisus Riviera Maya. It is a luxury resort that offers many amenities. If familiar with this destination, you will note that adult only properties are on the rise. That is due to the many beautiful beaches it has to offer, not to mention the food is far superior to other destinations that have a concentration of all-inclusives. Service is second to none too!

River cruises are seeing their fair share of new vessels as well. How does a river cruise differ from that of your mainstream cruiselines (i.e. Norwegian, Royal Caribbean)–these sleek ships are designed for easy passage on the calmer waters of the rivers they traverse. Instead of docking in ports that aren’t really close to the actual cities (ex. dock in Civitavecchia which is a good 40-50 minutes from Rome), the river ships dock right in the heart of town. More the norm is a guided city tour with entry fees included in some ports. In addition, wine is included with dinners and the entertainment and meals are more indigenous of the ports you dock in. Another blaring difference is that there are no casinos or the broadway-like entertainment you receive on the mainstream carriers. If you’re looking to gamble, forgedaboudit (spoken like a true Brooklynite), as the river cruises do not offer casinos.

So, now you have it. Some new options for your upcoming travel plans!


Choose Between Independent, Hosted and Escorted Tours


You’re browsing online for your next tour and some of them look absolutely fantastic and so inexpensive! But wait, there are a couple words that I’m not sure of recently: hosted tours and independent tours. You know what they mean in general conversation, but what do they mean where travel is concerned?

Good question, with a simple answer, but knowing the difference will make a significant impact on your travel decision.

“Independent” means you are on your own. The travel company will book your hotels and, if you’re traveling to various cities, perhaps they’ll also book your train seat. When your plane lands you’ll make your way to the hotel and, if you want to see the sights, and well, that’s why you’re traveling, isn’t it? You will for the most part, have to make your own arrangements. You’ll get to each place by any method you choose…car, cab or bus. Carry a good guide book or perhaps hire a local at the sight.

Why book this type of package if you are on your own for the majority of the time? Well the tour companies have buying power, so you may save a little money by purchasing a hotel stay from them, but that’s not always the case. Check with your travel agent who will be happy to price it both ways for you to ensure you receive the best value.

“Hosted” involves a little more hand holding. You may be met at the airport and transported to your hotel, which is pre-booked for you as well, and you’ll have breakfast daily. Your “host” is a local tour professional (usually) who represents the tour company with whom you booked. This person is available to you at certain hours of each day, to advise you on sightseeing, restaurants and shopping in the area. They will also have available optional tours you can book through them and travel. You will have plenty of time to do your own thing, but have the security of being able to consult someone throughout your stay. If you are visiting multiple cities, then the transportation is also arranged for you in advance including train, bus or flights.

Escorted is the best choice if the language of the country you are visiting is very foreign (In most European countries you will find many locals who speak English fluently). Your guide will meet you, great you, introduce you to others in your group…because escorted tours are almost always of a group of 24 to 40 people. (The exception are luxury tours in which your group consists of only you and your travel companions with a private guide.) All of your hotels and transportation are included. The guide checks you into each hotel and hands you the keys. Your luggage is taken to each room and then picked up and placed back on the bus so that you can relax. The guide and driver will accompany you on all sightseeing tours, smooth your admission to museums and monuments, entertain you (hopefully) on the bus ride to the next town and, all in all, act as your “big brother” or “sister.” You will be well taken care of and probably get the most out of your journey. Knowledgeable guides make a career of sharing their inspiring insights, and are well versed in local customs and must see hidden treasured. Most travelers agree that the tour guide is the key to good vacation due to their wealth of information, warmth and efficiency.

In conclusion, “independent travel” is best suited for the very savvy traveler who knows what he wants to see and do, but is happy to have someone book his hotels and train seats. A “hosted” trip is good for those who are capable of budgeting their time, is up and out to see all there is to see, and has done their homework. The traveler may need or want some assistance in choosing from the many sights the city or a specific venue has to offer. “Escorted tours” are the most comprehensive way to visit another country. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy…just time-conscious and maybe not too well versed in the history and lore of your chosen destination. Better to have a professional show you all there is to see.

Tour operators offer a variety of travel options to meet each travelers needs. Whichever travel style you select, know what you’re buying in advance.


Best Tourist Spots on Kerala Tour


Kerala, famed as God’s Own Country, India’s southernmost province and is known all over the world for its abundant natural beauty. Nature has blessed this charming Indian state uniquely. The capital of this beautiful Indian state is Trivandrum and economical capital of Kerala is Kochi, formerly known as Cochin. People can enjoy lots of activities over as Kerala is one of the finest holiday destinations in the country offering amazing sightseeing with complete privacy and safety. The state has still preserved its extraordinary natural beauty despite the recent hi-tech developments.

Kerala’s Best Tourist Spots

Located on the southern tip of India along side the azure Arabian Sea, Kerala has many tourist spots which are worldwide famous. It provides lots to enjoy here such as beach tourism, hill station tourism, wildlife tourism, eco tourism, backwater tourism, houseboat cruise, sightseeing of historical & religious monuments, ayurvedic body massage, etc. Have a look at some of Kerala’s best tourist spots.

Kovalam: When we talk about best tourist destinations in this state, the first name that strikes our mind is none other than internationally famous beach town of Kovalam. Kovalam is known as one of the finest beach resorts in the world as there is great tourism opportunity and excellent accommodation facilities available.

Kochi: The nest destination that is extremely popular when we talk about best tourist spots is Kochi. Kochi is an important city and economical capital of the state. It is known for historical monuments, beautiful beaches, beautiful temples, serene backwaters, beautiful islands, spice markets, etc. Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry Dutch Palace, Colonial Buildings, Jewish Synagogue, etc are major tourist attractions in this city.

Munnar: If there is one place to spend your vacation in completely unique serene and refreshing ambiance, you must visit Munnar, a picturesque hill station famed as the Kashmir of South. It is the place you will enjoy copious natural beauty in serene surroundings. Lush rolling hills, fragrant tea plantations and exotic wildlife will lure you on your stay in Munnar.

Alleppey: If there is one thing which lures you most on your holiday tours in Kerala that is none other houseboat cruise on serene and scenic Kerala’s backwaters. And the most popular destination for houseboat cruise is Alleppey, famed as the Venice of the East.

Kollam, Trivandrum (the state capital), Kozhikode, Wayanad, Ponmudi, Varakala, etc are some other best tourist spots you will love to explore on your Kerala tour. These are many Kerala tour packages available to choose from which can cater these preferred tourist spots on your Kerala tours and travels.


Thrills and Spills in Kaohsiung


The vibrant city of Kaohsiung is a great place to spend a few days while taking a tour of Taiwan. Visitors from all walks of life travel here from all over the globe to explore the city's numerous historical and cultural attractions, and guided tours are available for those who are short on time. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular things to do in Kaohsiung.

Solo Activities

Shopping in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung boasts a number of modern shopping malls, where just about everything under the sun can be found for a price. One of the most popular places to browse for bargains is the Presidents' Shopping Store, which can be found on Jhongshan Road. Also nearby is the New Jyuejiang Shoping Area Mall, while the Yuansu Yujhu Shopping Area is accused for its terrific bargains.

Cycling in Kaohsiung

Visitors who like to explore independently can simply rent a bike and cycle their way around the city. Particularly made cycle paths lead the way along the coast to attractions such as the lighthouse, while cycling is also a great way to explore the countryside around the city.

Group Activities

Dining in Kaohsiung

Eating out in Kaohsiung is a rich and diverse experience, as there are plenty of different types of restaurants to choose from here, especially in the vibrant Tsoying District. Many of the leading Kaohsiung hotels also come complete with their own restaurants, which serve an excellent selection of both traditional local and international dishes.

Cruise on the Love River

Although once sadly neglected, Love River has been cleaned up in recent years and is now the perfect place to take a cruise. Visitors will be able to sit back and relax as many of the city's famous sights slide slowly past, while special cruises can also be organized in the evenings, which are particularly popular with young lovers.

Sightseeing in Kaohsiung

Taking a group sightseeing tour of Kaohsiung is the perfect way to really get to know this enchanting city. Sightseeing tours take visitors to all of the city's top attractions, while tours are conducted by knowledgeable local guides, who are able to answer questions from visitors and also reveal some of Kaohsiungs' hidden gems, which would otherwise be overlooked by visitors. Tours typically take visitors to a large number of different attractions, and among the many highlights are Hsituwan Beach, Kaohsiung Harbor and Yat-sen University.

Trekking in Kaohsiung

Located halfway between the Nantzu District and the Zuoying District, Banpingshan Natural Park is the perfect place for nature lovers to explore on a sunny day. This area of ​​intense natural beauty was originally used for mining, and was transformed in 1998 when the government rented mining. These days Banpingshan serves as a recreational and education hot spot, appealing both visitors and local people alike. A wide range of activities is just waiting to be taken part in here, although trekking is by far the most popular with people of all ages.


After a busy day of seeing the sites of Kaohsiung, visitors can let off a little steam by shaking a tail feather on the dance floor of one of the city's vibrant nightclubs. One of the most popular is Lamp, which is located on Zihciang 3rd Road, while Dreams offers special all-you-can-drink deals on week nights.


Cruise Ships: 5 Reasons the SeaDream Yacht Is One of the Best


ForbesLife travel magazine recently designated the SeaDream Yacht as the best luxury level small cabin ship cruise line of 2015.

The year has barely begun, and this little cruise company has already stolen the prize. It's smaller size is a comfort to many travelers, and the company does not sell you short on your experience.With upgrades and an exceptionally-professional crew, she looks to take and keep the prize for years to come.

We suppose that there were many contenders and that there are many other top-quality small cruise lines operating out there, but here are five good reasons why the SeaDream Yacht is one of the very best.

1. SeaDream Takes You Places Bigger Cruise Ships Can not Go.

A Sleek Cabin Ship Cruise

For SeaDream's Caribbean trips, you fly into the much-used airport on St. Louis. Thomas and take off from there. You visit popular spots like Anguilla and Virgin Gorda, but you also get a taste of some smaller ports that are only accessible to smaller vessels.This makes the experience more unique, and you will be surprised at how much less-trafficked ports have to offer.

You will anchor in quaint little coves that none of the larger cruise ships would be able to safely approach.You will visit small bays and tiny isles that few ever lay their eyes on. It almost has the feel of a private tour.

No wonder SeaDream's motto is: "It's not cruising, it's yachting." On the SeaDream, you will dream good dreams at night – and live them out the following day.

2. The On-Board Cuisine Ranks as Truly Gourmet.

Some cruise ships make you wait in long buffet lines only to watch as the shrimp supply, which was not that special to begin with, was finished off by the person just ahead of you in line.

No need to fret, however; there are plenty more delectable dishes from which to choose. Truly, the SeaDream Yacht gives you a totally different experience. Each morning begins with the friendly wait staff bringing you your coffee and greeting you by name.You'll get to know them well during the trip – or not, if you prefer to keep yourself.

The menu is like that of a gourmet restaurant, and the presentation is done with flair. Lobster, steak, and a long list of delicacies is offered every day. One aspect of SeaDream's eating experience is "top-end" in another sense as well.Topside Restaurant – the actual name – is located on the ship's roof. From there, you can get a wonderful view of your surroundings, or even dine under the starlight sky.

3. The On-Board Bar Is Second to None

A full-service bar, including fine wines and cocktails, is part of the ship's infrastructure. The barroom is as exquisitely designed as it is well-stocked, and no one will be disappointed. The ship also has a number of other amenities, like a mini casino, health spa, library, etc.

4. SeaDream's Staff Literally Waits on You Hand and Foot.

With 95 crew members waiting on only 56 couples, a near one-on-one ratio, you get a lot more attention from the staff than on most cruise ships. They are always ready to assist you. They even will take you on shore for sightseeing , dining, shopping, or other excursions.

They also organize the traditional beach party on White Bay at Jost Van Dyke. There you will be able to swim in the warm Caribbean waters, barbecue, feast, play water sports, kayak, and more. On the other hand, you just opt ​​to relax in your hammock under a shady palm tree.

5. The SeaDream Is Smaller and More Intimate Than Most Cruise Ships

Most cruise ships are often packed with passengers, incredibly noisy, and far too "public." With SeaDream, everything is smaller-scale, making it easier to learn the names of fellow passengers and actually make some friends.

While the cruise ship cabins are not extremely large, they are cozy and quite adequate.You may not want to stay all day in these small rooms, but that gives all the more reason to get out and enjoy the ship and its surroundings. And that is, after all, why you came on this cruise to begin with.


Christmastime on the Danube Eastbound


Christmas season is one of the best times to go on a cruise. Booking cruise trips during this season may be a tad more expensive than all the other times, but the all inclusive holiday experience definitely makes up for it. Moreover, if it is a toss between stressful holiday cleaning and cooking versus cruising along prime destinations in the world, we already know which one is the best choice, right?

One of the best cruise destinations during Christmas time is the Danube. Sailing the eastbound route from Prague to Vienna is a luxury that appeals to the liking of many travellers, and in this article, we will have a run down of the top reasons why.

Cruising the Danube in December makes the atmosphere more festive.

According to many travellers, the river seems to be more enchanting during the Yuletide season. Whether it is because of the overall jovial mood or the crisp winter air, cruisers have more fun sailing at this time of the year compared to any other time. For some reason, quaint little villages, Baroque architecture, stained glasses, and frescoes are look more exceptional than they already are. Another plus of traveling in December is that a lot of major cruise lines offer on-board festivities to their guests, especially in all inclusive holiday deals.

Guests get to enjoy a showcase of Europe’s finest views and structures.

Traveling Europe is always an enchanting experience, but traveling it by cruise gives the tourists a better vantage point. Passing charming villages are always a win if you’re in it for beauty. If you are a history aficionado, you will be fascinated by the guided tours in some of the most famous historic sites like Slovakia, Vienna, and many other cities. Some vacation deals even include private tours of Baroque monastery libraries in Prague. If your are keen on having a more in-depth exploration of Europe, then you should definitely hop on the next eastbound Danube cruise!

It gives the cruisers a shopping experience like no other.

Christmas is still and will always be the season of giving, which makes a cruise trip along the Danube more opportune. Throughout the trip, you will get the chance to visit lovely Christmas markets. Make sure to include some holiday specialties in your shopping list, such as Glühwein (mulled Christmas wine) and Lebkuchen (a baked Christmas pastry similar to gingerbread) to send some European love to your friends and family back home. Almost every all inclusive holiday deal includes stopovers at various Christmas markets, so you know that you’re really in for the best yuletide treat of your life!


How to Guarantee an Enjoyable Jewish Trip


Knowledge is power, and this can be applied on everything -even while traveling. Planning a trip can somehow be stressful, but planning a Jewish trip demands extra effort and attention.

You have to be mindful of almost everything from your destination to kosher food. Here are few tips to guarantee a memorable Jewish vacation:

Is the Destination Relevant to Your Journey?

Planning the destination is perhaps the easiest part. You might already have a place in mind even before you decide to go on a vacation.

However, choosing the destination should not be at random, if you really want your trip to be a memorable one.

If you are interested in knowing Jewish history in Europe for example, you can visit heritage sites in there. These places have rich Jewish history that will bring you back to the struggles and success of the Jews.

Moreover, these places have exquisite sceneries and amazing tourist spots that will satisfy your trip.

Before going, make sure you check the weather and other concerns so that you can pack appropriately.

Can Your Travel Keep Your Meals Kosher?

Kosher food planning can be tedious to make sure that your destination keeps up with your dietary restrictions. Google restaurants that serve kosher near your place. You can also ask your accommodations in advance too.

Ideally, you should bring some backup food just in case. You can request a microwave or a mini fridge to store up your food if you’re staying in a hotel.

But remember, not all hotels let you use such amenities for free. Ask them, and if they do try to explain why you need them. Hotels are there to accommodate you with the best service they can offer, and they do understand that guests come from different places and races with various dietary guiding principle.

Perhaps, they might let you use that for free.

Is Your Travel Worth It of Your Budget?

If you are a multi-millionaire, then this won’t be your problem. But if you are traveling on a tight budget, you can go on an all-inclusive tour package.

All-inclusive means everything is included in your ticket, from food to excursions. You can eat as much kosher food as you want, and don’t have to keep coins for bus tickets and short rides on your touring.

Due to tight competition in the industry of tours and cruises, liners are becoming more creative. You can now go on a Jewish themed cruise. There are also all-inclusive, all-kosher river cruises that also offer Jewish Heritage site touring.

But if you want to consider doing your own itinerary, you can do that too! But such a choice entails a lot of planning, negotiations and tons of research. Plus, it does not guarantee that you won’t shed more money, because not everything on the internet can meet your expectation.